What Are The Different Types Of Teak?

What are the different types of teak?

Grade-A: The best teak comes from the heart of teak trees that have aged a long time. To qualify as Grade A teak, the wood must come from the center (heartwood) of a tree older than 25 years of age. Grade A teak has few knots, a rich color, the most natural oils, and no streaks. Grade A teak is cut with machines to ensure precision and has a very specific drying process.

Grade-B: Teak which has more knots, a warmer color, and occasional streaks. It is usually cut from the less mature section of the heartwood. You’ll notice it has a more dull appearance, with fewer natural oils. If you want to make sure your teak furniture will last outdoors, Grade A teak is recommended.

Grade-C: The darkest teak is Grade C, which may also have white streaks. It is made from the youngest woos (also called sapwood). Some knots in Grade C teak are filled with epoxy or wood putty. Teak furniture made with Grade C is sold fully assembled, and can be handcrafted.

Burma Teak: Burma teak is often referred to as the most durable teak you can buy. Burma teak is always heartwood and has a uniform golden brown without markings. It may be oily to touch due to the wood’s high oil content.

Indonesia Teak: Although all teak comes from the same type of tree, it can vary from region to region. Indonesian-grown teak is aged well and is high quality due to the suitable soil and weather conditions. It has a wider grain and light brown, grayish color.

Southern American Teak: South American teak is grown in plantations. It has a high natural oil content and is high quality. Plantation teak is grown in controlled, and often environmentally-friendly conditions. 


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